The 5 Simple Rules of Engagement

When engaging with your audience, there are some things you should be doing, and there are some things you should be avoiding.

Let's get down to it:


Liking Posts

  • DON’T bulk-Like a bunch of the same person’s posts on their account, as this feels spammy.

  • DO scroll through and find posts that are actually interesting to you, like them, and even compliment the post.


Following Unfollowing

  • DON’T follow random people hoping for a follow-back and then unfollow them a week later. This tactic is old and it's been done. Not to mention that there are apps that track when you do this, so just don’t do it.

  • DO search for people in your realm - use the Search function on each platform, they can help you sift through the members to find ideal clients, your target audience and peers who you can connect with.


Sharing in your Stories

  • DON’T share other people’s posts that are of no value to anybody, including yourself.

  • DO choose wisely. Pick something that will make another member feel special, but will also boost your street credibility at the same time.


Commenting on Posts

  • DON’T spam anybody’s posts with your selling. Don’t get into arguments with keyboard warriors. Don't poach potential clients from other people's posts.

  • DO always take the high road. Have integrity as a human being, and as a business owner. You are your brand, so anything you say will reflect on it.



  • DON’T spam or sell ANYTHING, especially if you DM’d them first.

  • DO introduce yourself, be authentic and genuine, give a compliment, build relationships.

There you have it, my 5 simple rules of engagement!


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